Galaxy Light projector

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    • static or floating VIVID display. Either you want it to rotate dynamic or become static, just to change the rotating speed by remote.
    • The night light projector has a built-in speaker so you can connect your phone Bluetooth or plug USB flash dish in port to play your favorite song.

    • Just press the USB/ Bluetooth conversion key on the projector to switch the modes. 

    • Easy to control different functions with the keys on the projector.

    Reacts To Music
    Stars will "dance" around and twinkle according to the beat of your music or by the clapping sound of your hands.
    High-Quality HD Audio
    Crisp, High-Quality bass speakers will play any music from your device!

    Quick Bluetooth Connection
    Connects to any iPhone & Android system, laptops, tablets or even desktops instantly!

    Support Voice Control
    The Projector can be controlled with just your voice.

    Mesmerize every guest with solid or multicolored ocean wave lighting effects, with star lights that project a field of drifting stars (just like the ones in real life)

    Package Included:


    • LED Galaxy Projector
    • Remote Controller
    • USB Cable 
    • Instruction Guide Manual